Our products

Thanks to cooperation with the main European and Asian companies, our company is able to offer an unlimited range of high medium and low voltage insulators in order to tailor the offer to the most demanding requirements. We supply porcelain insulators, glass insulators, polymer insulators and epoxy resin insulators for all types of use. We are also able to provide quotations for custom-made insulators according to customer designs for special uses.
In addition to insulators, we have contacts with the main companies in the electro-technical industry producing medium and high voltage accessories and equipment. We have a wide range of standard insulators in stock to ensure prompt deliveries to urgent requests and we offer to our usual customer a planning service for periodic orders ensuring them a stock of the most frequently asked models and a prompt delivery of the agreed quantities.
Thank to our experience in the production field we selected only the best manufacturers able to comply with the most restrictive quality standards. The acquired insulators are subjected to rigorous quality controls during fabrication, in the manufacturer site, in our warehouse at the arrival and before delivery to the customer to grant the best quality as possible.